Human Rights & Technology Community of practice

About the Community of Practice

We are a group of lawyers, human rights experts, technologists, trust and safety professionals, and scholars, who have come together to create a Human Rights & Technology Community of Practice. The Human Rights & Technology CoP is led by Tech Legality, and we meet bi-weekly on Zoom, with members from across the world.  We currently have members from Brazil, Chile, Denmark, France, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Netherlands, Nigeria , Pakistan, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, and Zimbabwe.

The Human Rights & Technology CoP follows materials adapted from the open access Trust & Safety Teaching Curriculum, critically analysing these materials together through a human rights lens. In between we also share topics related to our own work areas for discussion with the wider group. It’s a great way for us to get diverse perspectives across different disciplines and geographies and to seek peer support with tackling difficult issues, as well as to building community and friendship across our network. To ensure trust and frank conversations our meetings are conducted under the Chatham House Rule and are not recorded. But you can read about some of the things we discuss on Tech Legality’s Medium page where we sometimes write about the topics we discuss in the CoP meetings.

Community Organisers

Emma Day profile picture


Lisbon, Portugal

I’m a human rights lawyer, and CEO Asia and North America of Tech Legality. I’ve been working on human rights issues for more than twenty years and have lived for five years in Eastern Africa and six years in Southeast Asia. In the past ten years most of the human rights issues I’ve worked on have become entwined with technology, and also in many ways with internet governance. I am keen to ensure we take the human rights framework with us into the digital age. 
Sabine Witting


Harare, Zimbabwe

I am a human rights lawyer and CEO Africa and Europe of Tech Legality. Working as a Child Protection Specialist with UNICEF in Southern Africa and East Asia and Pacific for almost ten years, my work has gradually expanded from child online protection towards human rights and digital technologies more broadly. After finishing my PhD in Law at Leiden University, Netherlands, in 2021, I was appointed Assistant Professor for Law and Digital Technologies at Leiden University’s eLaw Center.

Olive Mumbo


Vicenza, Italy

I am an independent consultant, and founder of OliveHarbor Global Solutions a start-up consultancy focusing on areas not limited to human rights, technology, law, advocacy, sustainability and more. 
Paul Roberts


Liverpool, UK

A UX/UI designer and web developer working with clients in the likes of medtech, consulting, human rights and technology sectors. I am working towards becoming an expert in designing for trust & safety, safety by design, privacy by design, and human rights by design.

Valentina Vivalla profile picture


Santiago, Chile

I’m a human rights lawyer with expertise in immigration law, police brutality, and serious human rights violations. I completed an advanced master’s degree in International Human Rights Law, where I developed a keen interest in the human rights implications of the digital age, leading me to focus my thesis on the topic. I work as a consultant at Tech Legality and conduct independent research on the intersection of human rights and digital technologies.

Community Members

Doreen Abiero 2


Nairobi, Kenya

I’m an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and a Digital Literacy Instructor at SafeOnline Women Kenya (SOW-Kenya), focusing on empowering women online. I’m also a Researcher at the Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law (CIPIT), specializing in digital rights policy research and contributing to publications on data protection, AI and related issues.
Elena Abrusci 2


London, UK

I am a Senior Lecturer in Law at Brunel University London. I’m a Human Rights Law expert with a background in both policy and law. I research on regional human rights systems and the impact of technology on human rights
Mohsin Ali


Lahore, Pakistan

I am a lawyer & HR Activist from Lahore, Pakistan. I’ve pursed both LL.B (Law) and Communication studies from University of the Punjab. I’ve strong passion and commitment to work for Human Rights. I’ve also done various courses in regards to Human Rights & International law from Thammasat University Thailand and National University of Singapore.
Asha Asokan


I am a Human Rights Lawyer and Independent Consultant specializing in human rights, IHL, children in armed conflict, nuclear weapons policy, emerging technologies, international peace, and security. With over 14 years of experience in India, Sudan, South Sudan, and the US, I have supported the UN, INGOs, and law firms. My academic credentials include an LL.M. in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law from India and Policy Studies from Duke University, USA.
Laura Betancourt 2


London, UK

Laura is a public-interest technologist specialising in the interplay between public policy, digital technologies, and society. Currently, she is studying digital platform regulation and working as a research assistant at LSE and UCL. Laura holds a BA in Government and International Relations, an MPA in Digital Technologies and Policy, and is completing an MSc in Media and Communication Governance. Laura is passionate about assessing the opportunities and challenges posed by emerging technologies, using a unique blend of technical and policy knowledge. She has extensive experience working with UN agencies, governments, NGOs, startups, and civil society to implement child online safety plans, empower young people, promote social innovation, and formulate public policy.

Alica Blum-Ross


Oakland, USA

I have held roles in industry, academia and civil society considering the role of human rights (and child rights in particular) in creating tech policy. I have worked in industry at YouTube, Twitch and Google.


Flavia Borges


Brussels, Belgium

I am a Lawyer, Legal Consultant, and Researcher. My current focus is to use legal expertise to address humanitarian and social issues. My practice areas include Human Rights, Immigration, Refugee and Asylum Seekers, Digital Law, and Privacy & Data Protection. I have been working for the Spanish Red Cross, contributing to the International Protection Program and offering legal assistance to refugees and asylum seekers. 
Gemma Brown


London, UK

Gemma Brown is a Policy Analyst working within the Regulatory and Ethics Workstream at The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health, prior to this she worked within the Ethics Team at Genomics England working on research regulation and governance. The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health works towards genomic data interoperability and so many of the ethical challenges intersect with technology and data ethics, human rights challenges and public health policy amongst other elements.
Patrick Burton


Cape Town, South Africa

I am a researcher focusing on all forms of child rights in the digital environment. Previously the Research, then Executive Director of the Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention, I have led large-scale population-based epidemiological surveys on Violence Against Children, as well as qualitative research studies across more than 20 countries. I am a member of the advisory committee for Global Kids Online, as well as the LSE Digital Futures for Children Research Centre.
Paula Castro

Paula Andrea

Berlin, Germany

I have 8 years of experience in Product and Tech specially in ecommerce sector. I am looking to change my career into AI ethics soon since my bachelors degree is Law and my true passion is to help vulnerable communities (specially women and girls) to overcome obstacles, like the tech gender gap we are facing today.
Tinomudaishe Chipoyera


Harare, Zimbabwe

As a seasoned legal professional with an LLB and five years of global regulatory experience across Africa, Europe, and America, I specialize in corporate compliance, governance, and risk mitigation across various sectors. Renowned for driving profitability by mitigating legal risks, I am currently collaborating with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to combat illicit financial activities in cryptocurrencies. I am passionate about ethical tech practices. As a Regulatory Analyst at University of Cambridge’s RegGenome, I develop global taxonomies for Governance, Crypto, and ESG standards alignment, and analyze financial regulations for streamlined protocols for regulatory authorities like IOSCO, COMESA, and BIS’s Project Mandala.
DKANE 22/09/2020

Picture Darragh Kane



Solicitor practicing in the area of data protection, privacy, online safety and child protection

Olu Familoni


London, UK

I am a lawyer with over three years experience and  a recent LL.M graduate in Information Technology Law and Intellectual Property with a keen interest in AI and Data Protection.  My journey has fueiled a passion for exploring the ethical dimensions of technology and advocating for responsible AI practices. I’m excited to contribute to our collective pursuit of advancing human rights in the digital age.  
Aviva de Groot

de Groot

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I am a ‘critical lawyer’ working on social justice and technology concerns as a post-doc in the Netherlands. I like to read up on legal and technological history, and am especially interested in how knowledge is made -socially, legally and technologically. I have a background in legal aid and one in filmmaking before that.
Amelie Desjardins


Nairobi, Kenya

French-Canadian based in Nairobi, Amélie is a strategic development consultant providing services in market penetration and sustainable business growth, human rights and organizational analysis. Prior to joining Intellecap, an impact consulting firm, as Principal, she ensured the roles of Head of Office for Justice Without Borders Hong Kong and of APAC Manager for the Thomson Reuters Foundation. She also co-founded Moto Energy Solutions, a social enterprise based in Rwanda in the renewable energy sector. 


Yasemin Gulbahar


Mersin, Turkey

I’m doctorate student in Tarsus University. I am interested in political science as it relates to artificial intelligence. I have some academic work related to ethics and artificial intelligence towards creating a model for Turkey. My thesis was about digital democracy; the case of Spain and Switzerland. I have expertise in digital democracy tools and their affects at a country level.

Gulsen Guler


London, UK

I am a researcher focusing on social and political impacts of emerging digital technologies. I am also an ex justice social work, and my experiences in the field inform my research approaches to be centred around social justice and human rights.
Catharina Harby


London, UK

A Swedish lawyer who has lived and worked in the UK for over two decades, Catharina is a human rights consultant associated with the Western Balkans Programme at the AIRE Centre, which works to promote the rule of law, human rights and democratic values across the region through training, publications and working closely with its partners. Catharina was also a Visiting Lecturer at Regent’s University’s International Relations programme until 2014.  
Stephanie Haven


The Hague, Netherlands

Working in The Hague, Silicon Valley, and Washington, D.C., Stephanie has a deep understanding of how technology intersects with democratic principles and human rights. Her skills are in translating across technology companies, governments, civil society organizations, and academia, as well as leading strategy for crises response and election preparedness. MA in International Relations and Economics from Johns Hopkins University SAIS and BA in Sociology from Tufts University.
Louise Hooper 1


United Kingdom

I have been a human rights barrister at Garden Court Chambers for over 25 years and now work on a broad range of human rights issues with INGOs, NGOs, academic researchers and companies, including through conducting rights impact assessments. I have considerable experience of international policy making and treaty monitoring, and have been appointed to the Council of Europe Committee of Experts on Artificial Intelligence, Equality and Discrimination (GEC/ADI-AI). I have written a chapter on AI and Human Rights for ‘The Law of Artificial Intelligence’, eds. Hervey, M. and Lavy, M. 2nd Ed, Sweet and Maxwell (forthcoming July 2024).
Athina Kasini



Athina works for the European Union Agency for Asylum and specifically in the Humanitarian Resettlement Sector.
Following her Master of Laws in Human Rights, she has worked within the Civil society sector, in the field of environment and migration. Athina has also evaluated tenders as an independent ethics expert.
Ayesha Khan


San Francisco Bay Area, USA

Ayesha is an international lawyer specialising in business and human rights with a focus on emerging tech and geopolitics. She brings over 10 years of experience having worked with the United Nations, BSR’s tech and human rights practice, Yale university and a range of private and public sector organizations across the United States and India. Ayesha currently works as a freelance consultant, advising a range of organizations on business and human rights issues.
Veroniqye Lerch


Lisbon, Portugal

Véronique has been an independent human rights consultant for the part 7 years. She has extensive experience in strategy and policy development, capacity-building, advocacy, communication and management. She worked most recently for UNICEF, ENOC (the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children), the European Commission and Global Campus of Human Rights. Véronique is the host of a podcast featuring human rights graduates who ‘do’ human rights in less usual ways: The Road Less Traveled. 
June Lio



I am a Child Rights and Protection Specialist, presently contributing to global program quality and impact at Save the Children International. Over the past decade, my professional journey has encompassed various roles in child rights, child protection, and human rights across governmental, intergovernmental, and non-governmental spheres. My primary passion lies in establishing protective ecosystems that foster the well-being of children and youth. I am interested in interdisciplinary and intersectoral synergies, perspectives and collaborations that drive innovations and push the frontiers of current knowledge and solutions towards that end. 

Liz Mboya


Kakamega, Kenya

I am a Results-driven lawyer with 5+ years of experience ensuring the legality of commercial transactions, compliance, risk management, employee relations, contract management and change management, providing legal and operational support and implementation.
Guilherme Migliora


Pisa, Italy/Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

PhD candidate at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna studying online hate speech regulation, but interested in everything related to platform regulation and power imbalances. Previously worked as a civil litigation and arbitration lawyer. 


Nairobi, Kenya

I am a practicing lawyer, legal consultant, and researcher specializing in technology and intellectual property law with a specialized emphasis on privacy and data protection, artificial intelligence (AI) and digital policy, tech compliance and the human rights apects of technology. My professional journey has involved advising on legal frameworks, crafting compliance strategies, and policy development initiatives aimed at safeguarding individual rights in our digitized world. In my research capacity, I am engaged in exploring emerging issues at the nexus of law, technology, human rights, and intellectual property. I am passionate about the responsible use of technology and continuously advocate for a future where innovation is balanced with the protection of fundamental human rights.
Cristina Longe


Abuja, Nigeria

Christiana Longe is a Nigerian Lawyer who is passionate about the human rights aspect of technology. She is a 2023 African School on Internet Governance Fellow. She is currently the Director of Programs for DiGiCiViC Initiative in a voluntary capacity while also practising in a full service law firm in Nigeria. Digicivic Initiative is a nongovernmental organisation established to promote digital rights and the civic space.
Irfan Nawaz


Islamabad, Pakistan

I am a highly skilled and internationally certified Professional Social Worker and established Research Consultant. My passion lies in delivering exceptional Social Work & research services, with a specialized focus on child, young and women’s rights. With a robust background and extensive experience, I excel in impactful projects, including child protection policy review, legislative analysis, and cutting-edge research and development initiatives.
Namatirayi Ngwasha


Harare, Zimbabwe

I am a lawyer, with 17 years experience. I worked as a public prosecutor before moving to the Civic Society world. here my passion for human rights grew as my main focus was on protecting, promoting and defending human rights. I have experience in strategic litigation, training duty bearers, advocacy and conducting human rights awareness. Over the years i have developed interest in Information technology law and have been participating on different fora to enhance human rights and ICT.
Millicent Obange


Nairobi, Kenya

I am a dedicated human rights lawyer with a focus on women’s rights through an intersectional feminist lens. Passionate about advocating for women, I consistently pose the crucial “woman question” in the spaces I occupy. Particularly within technology discussions, I emphasize the importance of studying its impact on women’s safety and dignity prior to implementation. I currently practice in corporate law at a tech startup consultancy, and I eagerly anticipate joining a community where technology discussions are approached through a human rights lens. I am excited to contribute my knowledge and learn from fellow participants in this dynamic dialogue.


Brian O'Neill


Dublin, Ireland

I am an Emeritus Professor at Technological University Dublin, with a background in media and communications and digital policy research related to children and young people. I  am a Policy Lead for the European Commission BIK (Better Internet for Kids) programme. I am also part of the Council of Europe’s Digital Citizenship Education Expert Group. One of my current roles is contributing to the OECD’s study of transparency reporting related to CSAM among the world’s top online content-sharing platforms.


Jess Peake


Los Angeles, USA

Jess Peake is the Assistant Director of the Promise Institute for Human Rights and the Director of the International and Comparative Law Program at UCLA School of Law. Jess is an expert on digital investigations, human rights and international criminal law. She co-founded the University of California Digital Investigations Network in 2021 and teaches courses on Human Rights and War Crimes Digital Investigations and International Humanitarian Law. Jess was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in 2024.
Linda Raftree


New York, USA

Linda Raftree has worked at the intersection of community development, gender, youth participatory media, rights-based approaches and digital development since 1994. She’s been exploring the responsible use of digital approaches and digital data for the past 15 years. Linda is a well-known expert on responsible data policy and procedures, digital safeguarding, inclusive digital approaches, safe tech-enabled programming, digital SBCC and MERL Tech. She leads sector-wide convenings on these topics through The MERL Tech Initiative, which she founded in 2014, and the New York City Technology Salon which she started in 2011. Linda is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP & CIPM).
Ananya Ramani


Manchester, USA

Ananya Ramani is an International Human Rights Lawyer and Policy Researcher working with global non-profit, research, and development organizations championing online freedom, digital rights, data protection, and ethics in artificial intelligence with the goal of advancing tech policy that in inclusive of all grassroots and adaptive to emerging technology. She has also supported the creation of a civil society coalition to collectively advocate for the protection and promotion of individual rights by governments and businesses in cyberspace.


Sabrina Rau


Nuremberg, Germany

Sabrina Rau is a Doctoral Researcher at Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen Nuremberg. Her work focuses primarily on rights, regulations, remedies and corporate accountability in the digital age. She is currently writing her thesis on company-based grievance mechanisms for algorithmic human rights harm. Sabrina holds a BA from the University of Toronto in political science and environmental studies and an LLM in international human rights and humanitarian law from the University of Essex.
Trisha Ray


Washington DC, USA

Trisha Ray is an associate director and resident fellow at the Atlantic Council’s GeoTech Center. Her research interests lie in geopolitical and security trends in relation to emerging technologies. Ray is a member of UNESCO’s Information Accessibility Working Group, and a Pacific Forum young leader. Prior to this, Ray was a fellow at the Center for Security, Strategy and Technology at the Observer Research Foundation in India, where she led projects, researched, and wrote on artificial intelligence governance, India’s technology policies, data protection, platform governance, and cybersecurity. She was also chair of Observer Research Foundation’s flagship technology conference, CyFy.


Stephanie Shanler


Amman, Jordan

I have worked in the humanitarian and development fields for nearly 20 years with UNICEF and UNHCR. I am currently posted in Jordan and cover the Middle East and North Africa. My work focuses on addressing harmful practices (FGM/child marriage), strengthening child protection systems, and supporting programmes that prevent and respond to violence against children in homes, schools, communities, and online, the latter covering online and technology-facilitated violence. I have a growing interest in tools and tech that promote digital citizenship, critical thinking, and well-being in the digital space.
Dina Santos

Santana Santos


I am vice-chair of the Permanent Accessibility Group of the Internet Society (2024-2026) and a member of the Internet Society chapters Colombia and Brazil. As a researcher, I am part of the AI Policy Clinic Research Group at the Center for AI and Digital Policy. Academically, I am a technologist in International Trade and a master in Management and Public Administration.


Brighton, UK

I am an experienced executive with an extensive background in post-16 education and qualifications in Law, including an LLM in Information Technology and Intellectual Property. My expertise lies in key areas such as management information, data analytics, privacy, strategic planning, compliance, digital governance, and accountability. I am committed to advocating for the safe and equitable use of technology, particularly within education settings. I have recently been selected as a 2024 EDSAFE Women in AI Fellow.
Elisabet Tambunan


Jakarta, Indonesia

A recent LLM graduate majoring in Innovation, Technology, and the Law. My scholarly pursuits are fueled by a profound commitment to the well-being of children, propelling me to explore the nuanced convergence of human rights and cutting-edge technology.
Mariane ter Veen

ter Veen

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I’m a director, lead data sharing at consulting firm INNOPAY. With a background in AI and a bit of psychology, I help organisations collaborate across ecosystems. I believe in a world where digital sustainability creates long-term value, transparency and equity for all parties. As an enabler of this, I’m a strong advocate of data sovereignty, which gives people and organisations control over data they generate – and increasingly interested in digital rights as a means to underpin this. 

Annabel Turner


Aberdeen, UK

Annabel is the Director of Cybersafe Scotland, a not-for-profit organisation which provides services aimed at reducing online abuse, harassment and exploitation and providing wider support around digital safety. Before founding Cybersafe, she practised as a barrister in cases involving child abuse before working with the International Justice Mission on their “Not on My Screen Campaign” to end Online Child Sexual Exploitation. She chairs the Child Exploitation Committee for Aberdeen and works as an advisor for other organisations and projects on these issues. She is passionate about working with others to support children online and Chairs the Game Changers Community of Practice on Safety by Design.
Natalia Urzola


New York, USA

Natalia Urzola is a Colombian attorney and an SJD student at Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University. In 2020, she obtained her LL.M from the University of California, Berkeley. Natalia is the Chief Operating Officer at the Global Network for Human Rights and the Environment and the Colombian Rapporteur of the Sabin Center’s Global Peer Reviewers’ Network of Climate Litigation. Her recent publications include Gender in Climate Litigation in Latin America: Epistemic Justice Through a Feminist Lens (Journal of Human Rights Practice).




Philadelphia, USA

Meredith Veit is a technology & human rights researcher working with the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre. She has a particular focus on gendered impacts of technology and disproportionate impacts of harm on at-risk groups. She is a journalist by vocation, and she has worked on various projects related to the protection of human rights defenders, journalists, migrants’ rights and children’s rights in the digital age. She specializes in research, writing, and trauma-informed, gender-sensitive interviewing. Meredith is currently pursuing a degree in International Human Rights Law at Oxford University (UK). She holds a master’s degree in Human Rights and Democratisation from the Global Campus of Human Rights (Italy) and an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree in Communication and Public Culture from The George Washington University (USA).

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