Tech Legality is a new women-led boutique consulting firm, founded to work with governments, UN agencies, technology companies, and (I)NGOs to ensure that technologies are deployed and governed in a way that protects and respects human rights, centring the needs of children, and vulnerable and marginalised communities. 

We are currently in the startup phase, with some really exciting and cutting edge projects in the pipeline, so we are going to need some freelancers to join our roster. We are looking for freelance lawyers who are ready to join our team on a flexible basis, initially for short-term contracts, with possible longer term opportunities for those who are a good fit.  

As we grow we are seeking to build a team that reflects the diversity of the people impacted by technologies across the globe. We are particularly keen to work with young lawyers from diverse geographic and social backgrounds who have lived or professional experience of social justice issues, especially those from or currently living in Africa or Asia. We commit to providing training and opportunities for career advancement to people who work with us on a long-term basis.


You will need:

  • An undergraduate degree in law, preferably with a focus on human rights, technology, or internet governance
  • A passion for human rights, and a commitment to justice and the rule of law 
  • An understanding of how power and privilege are reflected in the legal profession and in the technology sector, as well as self-awareness about your own role in this 
  • A love of new technologies, coupled with some healthy scepticism 
  • A creative mindset 

Ideally you will also have:

  • A postgraduate qualification in law and/or technology 
  • Experience in legal research, writing and policy analysis related to law and technology
  • Experience working in or with the private sector
  • Experience in coding or technology product development


If you think you would like to work with us, please click here to provide us with your details. 

Please note that we are using Smartsheets to process and store consultants’ information for our roster. Smartsheets are an American company and they store data in the US – their terms and conditions are available here. We have looked for a European alternative and have not been able to find one to date. We have decide to go ahead and use Smartsheets because it makes it considerably easier to search for consultants according to numerous variables when work becomes available. If you are not comfortable with using Smartsheets please send us your CV and cover letter to info@techlegality.com and we will store them separately on our hard drive.

We know that it makes this space more fair and equitable when companies share upfront the salary range they are willing to pay. As we are a startup, we are still working out our budgets and will need to agree on daily rates with people as we expand, depending on the budget of specific projects.

We commit to an equitable pay structure from the outset, and we will share the daily rates that are within our budget when we reach out to you with regard to a specific project. We do not expect you to provide this information in your initial expression of interest, unless you would like to.