Our story

With a shared background of working together at the United Nations, we – Emma Day and Sabine K Witting – established Tech Legality in 2022. Our mission is to empower clients by translating intricate human rights and digital technology issues into practical and effective solutions.

In our extensive experience, we have witnessed on a daily basis how human rights and digital technologies find themselves entrenched in a highly polarised arena. Various interest groups often pit rights against each other, making it challenging to reconcile competing human rights interests.

This complexity is further amplified when considering different rights holders, such as adults and children, and the diverse compelling interests involved, such as addressing hate speech or disinformation while safeguarding freedom of expression. At Tech Legality, we firmly believe that such polarisation contradicts the essence of human rights. We recognise that human rights are interconnected and interdependent, necessitating a comprehensive and holistic approach.

Having lived and worked across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia, we have gained more than 30 years of combined experience in understanding how digital technologies impact human rights worldwide. We are acutely aware of the underrepresentation of the Majority World in global standard-setting, despite it being home to the majority of digital users and customers. When serving our clients across the globe, Tech Legality prioritises ensuring that underrepresented populations are at the core of our human rights endeavours.

Our vision is to foster a digital environment that empowers all users to shape their own lives based on the principles of liberty, equality and respect for human rights. We are excited about the impact that Tech Legality can have in this space.

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Human Rights Lawyer

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Human Rights Lawyer

Our reach so far

A world map showing the countries Emma Day and Dr Sabine K Witting have contributed projects too. Various countries around Europe, Asia, Africa, and North and South America are highlighted in blue